Websites have gone a long way.  They used to be a place to simply show information, but now they can do so much more.

Now, Churches can even use websites to keep their members engaged.

Here are just 5 ways Churches can use their website to keep their members engaged:

1.  Community for Members – Churches can either put a community for their Church on their own website or have a link to an online community (this can be a community made for their Church or even a Facebook group, if desired).  Communities are becoming more and more common ways for Churches to communicate in between Church services, and that’s even more handy during this time of COVID-19 (and perhaps even afterwards) for a sense of community.

2.  Prayer List – On your website, preferably under a password-protected login section, you can put up prayer requests for your Church members to keep in mind during their prayer times.  The best way to do this is to put up the Church bulletin in a PDF format (or downloadable from the website), if prayer requests are put on your bulletin.

3.  Online Classes – This more applies to the COVID-19 time, but putting up video classes, filmed for your Church’s small groups (or to help members grow Spiritually), is a great way to help keep your Church members engaged during the week.  These classes can operate just like your small groups (and could even include interactivity such as quizzes to test their understanding of the material covered).

4.  Church Growth Webinars – The Pastor, or Church leadership, could do a weekly or monthly webinar (not on days you normally have your Church services) that is live and either visible from your website or from another link people can access from your website.  Members could request topics, or there could be certain topics the Pastor or Church leadership choose to cover during these webinars.

5.  Website Personalization – There are certain new techniques that allow websites to be personalized to the user.  Doing this could mean, potentially, that you could allow for at least two different experiences for users of your website:  one for guests and another experience for members.  This would allow you to make sure members of your Church aren’t being overly “welcomed” to your website (making them feel like a guest rather than a member) or making a guest overwhelmed at your Church’s website and not welcoming them enough.

Need help implementing this for your Church?

We hope that you find these 5 tips helpful.  If you need any help implementing these ideas, our website service, Disciple Generation is aimed at helping Churches turn guests into engaged Church members through website personalization.

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