$10,000 per month Google ad spend for Churches for free

$10,000 per month Google ad spend for Churches for free

Did you know that your Evangelical Church can get free Google Ads advertising ($10,000 per month) absolutely for free?!!  Yes, that much for free.

Please note:  You do have to apply to two programs (Tech Soup, which is run by Google, and Google Ads Grants, also done through Tech Soup).

To apply for Tech Soup, go to www.techsoup.com and apply to their free program.  This membership is what you need to apply to Google Ads Grants (it’s pretty straightforward to apply to both of them).

 For each program, it can take a few weeks to get accepted.  Also, to keep your Google Ads Grants account, you do have to meet their minimum requirements for click-through rate on the platform.

If running the ads is something that you don’t feel you can do, you can hire a Marketing agency (such as us) to help you run your Google Ads.  Contact us today to see how we can help your Church grow.

What’s the EEIIRY Strategy for Social Media for Churches?

What’s the EEIIRY Strategy for Social Media for Churches?

When dealing with social media, there are many different types of acronyms you can try to memorize, but this one’s easy to remember and easy to implement.

Our signature method for Church social media is the EEIIRY strategy.  The acronym stands for:

  • Educate


  • Encourage


  • Inform


  • Inspire


  • Remind


    • About the past


    • About upcoming events


  • Yield


    • Stop the scroll


    • Help your audience yield to God


How does this apply to my Church?

Each of these 6 posting strategies plays an important role in Church social media.  Let’s look at them one at a time.

Education can be a post that is teaching about God or something Christian-related.

Encourage means to build up the Church through your post.

Inform means to let your social media community know something that’s important about your Church services (or something that’s going on).

Remind has to do with either a throw-back post (#TBT or Throwback Thursday) where you mention something from the past, or it can also be a post where you remind your community about something that is coming up.

Yield can either be a post that is on purpose making people stop and pay attention (to get their attention and “stop the scroll”) or to get them to pay attention to God during the day.


How can I make social media posts and post them?

Great question.  There are several tools we recommend, and we also can offer you a tool as well.

The several tools we recommend to create the posts are Canva, Crello, Pablo by Buffer, and Relay That.

Contact us if you want access to the other tool that we can provide (unlimited users and unlimited social media accounts at just $50 per month, or a little discount if you choose to watch our webinar on social media).

Want to see our webinars?

We have several webinars for Churches that you can check out.

Webinar – Churches Going Social

Webinar – Churches Going Social

What will I get out of this webinar?


You’ll learn more about:

✓ The origins of social media networks

✓ How to choose social media platforms for your Church

✓ Why your Church should use social media

✓ How to get $10,000 worth of advertising per month for free

(And we’ll answer the burning question:  “Should social media replace our Church website?”)

 It’s an on-demand webinar, meaning that it’s not live, but you can watch it at any time (just register below for a time that you can attend the webinar).

Want to see our other webinars?

We have other webinars for Churches that you can check out.

Free Church Streaming Software

Free Church Streaming Software

Did you know that you can start streaming your Church services for free?  (And with free support even during your Church service).

 Life Church started a free Church streaming service called Church Online Platform.  As they’re a large Church, they have the resources and donations to keep it free.

Many Churches, including large ones, use their service in order to stream their services.

If you’d like to learn more about Church Online Platform (and get started on it ASAP), click the button below to learn more about the free Church streaming service, Church Online Platform.


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